LOVE - These 

(only because it sounds like Yacht Week)

HATE - Short Songs

It's not that I hate all short songs, I just hate it when you find a really solid track and it just feels like it ends too soon, you just want more of it. It happens rarely, but sucks when it does. This came about due to coming across this artist Giselle Roselli. She's super talented and I'm liking her sound, but the songs I like the most are only about 1:30 long. Unfortunate. I'll post hers along with a couple other examples I can think of. 

Ruby Coast - Laugh At Alice 
This Is Me Smiling - Ephemera 


Love - These 

Hate - Pizza Subs 
Figured I would branch out within the "classic subs" selection. Big mistake. Why can do I not live in the land of $5 footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyakis. Whyyyyy.
Also this


LOVE - These 

HATE -Professor Script-Reader
I will admit, I am not amazing at doing presentations. I get nervous, and I usually use a script. This being said, I am usually doing a presentation on something stupid that I don't have an extensive knowledge about. If you want me to talk about this blog or the Simpsons, I'm good to go. This semester I have a professor that actually lectures from a script, using powerpoint as well. This absolutely blows my mind. This is a university level, professor. If someone is supposed to know the material better than the professor, I don't know who. It is honestly like watching an awkward classmates presentation, every class. Powerpoint malfunctions, shuffling of paper, generally being flustered, it makes it impossible to concentrate. I've had professors that can go over two hours just spouting knowledge, minimal visuals, and its moderately interesting. I've never come across another script-reader before and hope not to in the future. Ridiculous. 


Love - Local Natives 

This band seems to be another one of those blog darlings, receiving praise from a number of high profile outlets, including a rating of 8.4 from Pitchfork and being deemed some of the "best new music" out there, all kind of in the same vein as The XX's rise to popularity. As I have mentioned in the past, I am always pretty weary of what Pitchfork likes, or whatever seems to be the new "it" band or sound, but I decided I would find out for myself and snagged their debut album "Gorilla Manor". After listening to a few tracks, it was definitely not what I was expecting, but knew I liked it. Definitely comparable to Grizzly Bear or Fleet Foxes, but with a bit more contemporary sound, not really trying to sound old and rustic. "Airplanes" has been stuck in my head for days.

HATE - My Life As Liz 

I understand that MTV is no longer about music videos. I understand that the Hills and other shows are heavily scripted and edited, and for the most part, their stars are famous for no real reason. This I accept, and have even fallen victim to enjoying from time to time. But this is ridiculous. My Life As Liz is apparently about some girl in Texas that was popular, but then decided her life was too mainstream. She had to be more alternative and fight the man. So she ditched the cheerleading outfit for flannel and started listening to Animal Collective. I don't have a huge problem with MTV capitalizing on the hipster genre, it makes sense. What's popular right now is going to make money. Its the fact that they pass it off as real, and there are apparently so many bleeding hearts that find her tale of sorrow incredibly inspirational. Wow, you were a popular cheerleader from a well-off family in Texas. I think I have an extra hero cape around here somewhere. Not to mention the fact that MTV gets her to sing my favourite song of all time at her school talent show. I wont lie, her rendition wasn't half bad, I just hate something I like so much being associated with this shite. I hope she fails as hard as her dentist did.

LOVE - Settle 
I randomly stumbled across this band while lurking myspace in search for new music, and was intrigued by both their album name and art. 
I really liked the couple songs they had on their profile but it took me forever to actually get a hold of the album. After literally months I found it, and the entire album matches the energy and originality of the first songs I heard. They're from Pennsylvania, and according to their wikipedia, we're signed to Epitaph records in an effort to expand the labels scope in terms of genres. I think Settle represents a huge step in the right direction. Heres some of the current favourites tracks, off of one of the strongest debut albums I have heard in a long time.

HATE - Tavi Gevinson 
I believe the pictures speak for themselves