LOVE - These

HATE - Mom Pants
Gunt - Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area
What are girls thinking when they wear these? That they are cool because they look absolutely ridiculous? I think there is a fine line between being different and being stupid, and high-waisted mom pants have travelled far past that line. I would be hiiiiiigghlly suspicious of any guy that found this in any way attractive. What happened to the awesome low-rise jean trend of only a few years ago? Bring those back. Now. 


LOVE - Remix Artists Collective 

The Remix Artists Collective is a group of three established musicians who joined forces and together have consisitently created some of my favourite remixes. I enjoy the fact that they often select more independent music to remix, songs that you would not at first think would translate well to the dance floor. A full list of their remixes and more info about what they do is available here. Here are some of my favourites.

HATE - Textbooks Without Answers 
I'm trying desperately to learn about the delicate workings of the inner and outer solar system and figure a smart strategy is to do the quizzes included at the end of every chapter. But after I finish, I would appreciate the ability to go over a list of proper answers. Granted, I could go back through the chapter and find the information, but what fun is that?


LOVE - These 
(This album is all kinds of crazy, in a great way)

HATE - When It Looks Warm Outside, But Really Isn't
(possibly the best story-related picture yet)
Wake up, all psyched because the sun is shining, birds are chirping, looks to be 75 and sunny. So the jacket is left behind as you race out the door, only to be met by an icy blast of cold air. So the next day you think you are one step ahead of mother nature, putting on the jacket even though it's nice out. Then it turns out to be super warm and you are now the fool carrying a jacket everywhere when everyone else is enjoying the beauty weather. The worst.


LOVE - These 
(Friends at The Farewell Circuit have a new EP coming out and were gracious enough to send a copy my way. As expected, more great music from the band, this songs been on repeat all morning. Check them out here)

The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers

HATE - Non-Refrigerated Ketchup 

I don't trust people that don't keep their ketchup in the fridge. Don't even get me started if it isn't Heinz.


LOVE - These

HATE - People Taking The Elevator From 2nd to 1st in Weldon 

Are you really that lazy? Really. To put one foot in front of the other and let gravity do the work. You have taken more time waiting for the elevator and awkwardly shuffling on to be met with looks of disgust than it would have to just walk down two flights of stairs. This and people asking if the elevator is going down when I get to floor five. No, actually, this is a Wonkavator and I'm on my way to blast through the glass ceiling thank you.


LOVE - These 

HATE - Using A Laptop Outside 

With all this nice weather I have tried to study outside on the porch. Its goddamn near impossible to do though with the glare, wind, temptation to booze. 


Love - These 

Hate - How I Didn't Invent Swoopo

This is one of the smartest business ideas I have come across in a long time.