Love - Local Natives 

This band seems to be another one of those blog darlings, receiving praise from a number of high profile outlets, including a rating of 8.4 from Pitchfork and being deemed some of the "best new music" out there, all kind of in the same vein as The XX's rise to popularity. As I have mentioned in the past, I am always pretty weary of what Pitchfork likes, or whatever seems to be the new "it" band or sound, but I decided I would find out for myself and snagged their debut album "Gorilla Manor". After listening to a few tracks, it was definitely not what I was expecting, but knew I liked it. Definitely comparable to Grizzly Bear or Fleet Foxes, but with a bit more contemporary sound, not really trying to sound old and rustic. "Airplanes" has been stuck in my head for days.

HATE - My Life As Liz 

I understand that MTV is no longer about music videos. I understand that the Hills and other shows are heavily scripted and edited, and for the most part, their stars are famous for no real reason. This I accept, and have even fallen victim to enjoying from time to time. But this is ridiculous. My Life As Liz is apparently about some girl in Texas that was popular, but then decided her life was too mainstream. She had to be more alternative and fight the man. So she ditched the cheerleading outfit for flannel and started listening to Animal Collective. I don't have a huge problem with MTV capitalizing on the hipster genre, it makes sense. What's popular right now is going to make money. Its the fact that they pass it off as real, and there are apparently so many bleeding hearts that find her tale of sorrow incredibly inspirational. Wow, you were a popular cheerleader from a well-off family in Texas. I think I have an extra hero cape around here somewhere. Not to mention the fact that MTV gets her to sing my favourite song of all time at her school talent show. I wont lie, her rendition wasn't half bad, I just hate something I like so much being associated with this shite. I hope she fails as hard as her dentist did.

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