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HATE -Professor Script-Reader
I will admit, I am not amazing at doing presentations. I get nervous, and I usually use a script. This being said, I am usually doing a presentation on something stupid that I don't have an extensive knowledge about. If you want me to talk about this blog or the Simpsons, I'm good to go. This semester I have a professor that actually lectures from a script, using powerpoint as well. This absolutely blows my mind. This is a university level, professor. If someone is supposed to know the material better than the professor, I don't know who. It is honestly like watching an awkward classmates presentation, every class. Powerpoint malfunctions, shuffling of paper, generally being flustered, it makes it impossible to concentrate. I've had professors that can go over two hours just spouting knowledge, minimal visuals, and its moderately interesting. I've never come across another script-reader before and hope not to in the future. Ridiculous. 

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