LOVE - These 

(only because it sounds like Yacht Week)

HATE - Short Songs

It's not that I hate all short songs, I just hate it when you find a really solid track and it just feels like it ends too soon, you just want more of it. It happens rarely, but sucks when it does. This came about due to coming across this artist Giselle Roselli. She's super talented and I'm liking her sound, but the songs I like the most are only about 1:30 long. Unfortunate. I'll post hers along with a couple other examples I can think of. 

Ruby Coast - Laugh At Alice 
This Is Me Smiling - Ephemera 


  1. mm ikr.. she is releasing her first EP at the end of the year so is probably only showing snippets. Bahh! I can not wait, really.. this girl has a sound quite like any other I've heard. she's going to be huge.

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