LOVE - These

HATE - Toasters
Now, there is no doubt that toasters are useful. I am in fact a huge fan of the things they can make, toast, bagels, Eggos, toaster strudel, the list goes on. The problem is the number of times toasters actually work properly. There should be standardized setting level on all toasters. A "4" on one toaster could be a "medium/high" on another toaster. Bagels toast slower than normal bread. These variables all lead to more often than not, burnt toast. I have tried to combat burnt toast many times, being sure to watch the toaster, waiting for the optimal time, forcing the toast out early to make sure its not burnt. But then it is often too early and then have to put it back in, at which point I forget that I put it back in = burnt toast. It's a tough life.


LOVE - The Streets
Mike Skinner, the british rapper better known as The Streets has been around for a while. I remember first hearing his style and immediately being blown away. His spoken word style is a breathe of fresh air from most of todays contemporary hip-hop. He is also what I consider a master storyteller. Instead of bragging about his cars and ho's, he is cleverly constructing a personal tale or social commentary from an every-man point of view. He is one of the few "celebrities" that genuinely doesn't seem to care, but in a good way. Just popped on my shuffle the other day and reminded me of how talented he is. Heres some of my favourite tracks. Check out some of his videos on youtube as well, especially "Irony Of It All", theyre low budget but sick. 

HATE - Plastic Band-aids

Now, I am not usually one for band-aids in the first place, as I am a firm believer in the "just give it air" idea. But sometimes you get those cuts that just wont go away, or are on a finger or somewhere where you're just gonna have to slap a band-aid on to get it healed. This being said, this was my situation last week. Upon searching for a band-aid in the house, all I could find were the new-age plastic band-aids. What idiot thought these were a good idea, they are literally one of the worst products I have ever used. Within 10 minutes, band-aid is off. Apply new one, off. Had to use two as more glorified tape than a band-aid to try and keep it on. If even the smallest hint of water touches the band-aid, boom, rendered useless. Now, over the break, I went home where I could obtain proper fabric old-style band-aids, and wow, why did they ever change? Those things will withstand anything...anything. In conclusion, Johnson & Johnson, figure it out, shitheads. 


LOVE - These Songs 

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Nada Surf - Blonde on Blonde 
La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Data Remix)
Anya Marina - Satellite Heart 
The Killers - A White Demon Love Song 
The Black Ghosts - Any Way (Fake Blood Remix)

HATE - Washing Hoodies 

I purchased a new hoodie over the Christmas break, and really tried as best I could to go as long as possible without washing it. This is simply because a hoodie is just never as comfortable as when you first buy it. After the first wash it just doesn't seem to fit right, just isn't quite as soft, maybe fades a bit. But these factors pale in comparison to the frustration of when the string comes out of the hood. I reckon I could just tie the ends together, but who remembers to do that. Spending so long, trying to get the stupid nub all the way through, epic hate.


LOVE - The Archives 
The Archives are a group of four stand up guys hailing from Toronto. Each member has spent a number years in the music scene, and it shows, or rather sounds like it, immediately. With the release of their first E.P. "Hail Caesar" and a number of high energy shows in the city, they are certainly starting to make a name for themselves. Personally, I've started to notice that if a band is truly a "love", they come on my iTunes shuffle, and I take the time to stop what I'm doing to see who the band is, and over the last two days in the library, it's happened three times. "Fully Loaded" is the current favourite. Check be sure to check out their myspace and the awesome minilogues video they did on Vimeo. Can't wait to see where these guys are headed in the future, best of luck boys.

HATE - The Slap Chop

First, this is not a hate on the commercial, that's hilarious. But this is directed squarely at the product itself. Our house was fortunate enough to acquire the device after the Christmas break, and everyone was eager to start slapping and chopping up a storm. It came my turn to take a whack at it while I prepared a big pasta, and I immediately noticed a major flaw. I'm looking to chop up some onion at the time, and I've got this massive white onion, that in no way could possibly fit within the tight confines of the Slap Chop. This means I have to cut and peel the onion in order to fit it in the device. Amidst the tears that "Vince" promised would be banished forever, I realized there is no point in the Slap Chop if I have to cut up the food to put it in in the first place. I might as well just keep cutting the onion with the knife I have, and leave the Slap Chop on the shelf (which is a total bitch to clean by the way). And the shelf is where it has remained, beside the "Graty", which is such a piece of bullshit, don't even get me started.


Love - Minus The Bear - Women We Haven't Met Yet 

Tonight the bay's a pane of glass - let's break it.

Our bodies ache to swim
so let's swim.
We're drunk enough to dull the cold
take off all the clothes, let's go.

Your feet kick slow
hands slow motion
head back eyes closed.

You slip under for a second.
You touch my leg and pull on my hand.
Come on girl no one can see this,
come on girl.

Now we got it.

Minus The Bear - Women We Haven't Met Yet 

Hate - MacBook Graphics Cards 

Apologies once again for disappearing for so long. The graphics card on my macbook blew up, apparently a common manufacturers defect. Highly bogus. But its been fixed, and once again huge kudos to the Apple repair program, everything covered under warranty, didn't cost a dime