LOVE - The Archives 
The Archives are a group of four stand up guys hailing from Toronto. Each member has spent a number years in the music scene, and it shows, or rather sounds like it, immediately. With the release of their first E.P. "Hail Caesar" and a number of high energy shows in the city, they are certainly starting to make a name for themselves. Personally, I've started to notice that if a band is truly a "love", they come on my iTunes shuffle, and I take the time to stop what I'm doing to see who the band is, and over the last two days in the library, it's happened three times. "Fully Loaded" is the current favourite. Check be sure to check out their myspace and the awesome minilogues video they did on Vimeo. Can't wait to see where these guys are headed in the future, best of luck boys.

HATE - The Slap Chop

First, this is not a hate on the commercial, that's hilarious. But this is directed squarely at the product itself. Our house was fortunate enough to acquire the device after the Christmas break, and everyone was eager to start slapping and chopping up a storm. It came my turn to take a whack at it while I prepared a big pasta, and I immediately noticed a major flaw. I'm looking to chop up some onion at the time, and I've got this massive white onion, that in no way could possibly fit within the tight confines of the Slap Chop. This means I have to cut and peel the onion in order to fit it in the device. Amidst the tears that "Vince" promised would be banished forever, I realized there is no point in the Slap Chop if I have to cut up the food to put it in in the first place. I might as well just keep cutting the onion with the knife I have, and leave the Slap Chop on the shelf (which is a total bitch to clean by the way). And the shelf is where it has remained, beside the "Graty", which is such a piece of bullshit, don't even get me started.

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