LOVE - These

HATE - Toasters
Now, there is no doubt that toasters are useful. I am in fact a huge fan of the things they can make, toast, bagels, Eggos, toaster strudel, the list goes on. The problem is the number of times toasters actually work properly. There should be standardized setting level on all toasters. A "4" on one toaster could be a "medium/high" on another toaster. Bagels toast slower than normal bread. These variables all lead to more often than not, burnt toast. I have tried to combat burnt toast many times, being sure to watch the toaster, waiting for the optimal time, forcing the toast out early to make sure its not burnt. But then it is often too early and then have to put it back in, at which point I forget that I put it back in = burnt toast. It's a tough life.

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