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yeah once again I've been slacking. my bad.

(These people put out some amazing covers)

HATE - Wendys Combos

Sometime not long ago, Wendy's decided to implement some sort of combo service. Before, I believe it just used to be "do you want to biggie size that?". Now,  it is "do you want a small, medium, or large?". At first I figured I'd be safe, stick with a medium size, and it turns out to be biggie sized and cost like  5 bucks more. I've been tricked more times than I would like to admit. It seems like "small" just wouldnt cut it, but small is the actual medium. So what happens when someone can't eat an entire medium? There is no true small option. Also, I delved into the value meal options at one point, and wow, thats a super trick. You think, hey, this really is a value, good price, but then you're given a dixie cup to drink. Now, if you assume this is the "small" option, as I did, and the next time order a medium combo chicken wrap, you will receive THE BIGGIE SIZED EVERYTHING. Go back to the good old days Wendys. And bring back the wild mountain chicken sandwich. you bastards.

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