LOVE - Voxtrot 

These guys are another old favourite. They're from Austin Texas and have been making music since 2003. They have always sort of been the band that will perpetually be a welcome surprise on shuffle. The music just sounds super original to me, with songs ranging from stripped down ballads to full on party-rock. They are also one of the few bands that when I ever mention their name, no one has ever heard of em. There are at least 10 songs that I would confidently post here, but most of my favourites are .mp4 which wont stream. So find the songs Soft and Warm, Brother in Conflict, and the Start of Something. You will not be disappointed. So, here ya go, some old stuff, one of their new-ish singles, and a link to their site.

Voxtrot - Long Haul

Voxtrot - The Warmest Part of Winter

Voxtrot - Trepanation Party

HATE - Car Bras

Part two of my on-going series involving things located ahead of the steering wheel that I hate on cars, is, the Car Bra. For years I have not been able to imagine the person that decides spending hard earned money on this device is a good idea. As I understand it, the Car Bra is designed to protect the front of your car from damage due to flying debris. Now, I am sure there is a certain amount of damage done to the ordinary car from said debris, this point I will not argue. But the reality is, the Bra itself looks way, way worse than any damage that could possibly be done by pebbles. If this was such a huge concern, wouldn't every Ferrari and Lamborghini on the road have one? I would wager 87% of Car Bra owners own Pontiac Sunfires, 90% of which are red. Even if the thing works like it should, keeps the front of the car looking brand new, when it comes time to sell the car years later, you are left with an outline of perfect paint completely miss-matched with the rest of the weathered car. Just makes my brain hurt, so, badly.

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