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HATE - Getting Haircuts 

I genuinely dislike getting haircuts. The only reason why my hair ever gets long isn't because I want to grow it long, no, it is because I am either too lazy or just don't want to be bothered with getting it cut. I have never had the kind of barber relationship that most people have, one guy that you always go to, you know a certain amount about each other to carry on casual conversation. I'm freelance, just go to whomever is willing to give me a decent cut. This means I'm often stuck awkwardly sitting, the poor guy trying to start up something, but I'll have none of it, I wanna get in and out. Then there is always the next couple days of "whoooa did you get a haircut?" and the awkward period between when it is clearly just cut to when it grows slightly and looks decent. I do however sympathize with barbers in general. I always consider when I am getting my hair cut how many heads of hair the poor guy has to cut to buy a car or a house, and there are some sketchy heads out there. In conclusion, I need a haircut.


  1. I hate getting hair cuts as well! It's so hard to find a good stylist, and sometimes it's a hit/miss with that as well. No one ever listens to me! "I would like a trim please... maybe one inch" ... and I walk out with hair 3 inches shorter.

  2. whats a hair cut?

  3. I just want to open that door with my cock