LOVE - The Hush Sound 

This is another band that I've had kicking around my iTunes since at least highschool. The quartet from Illinois released their debut album So Sudden in 2005, and although they have released two albums since then, I feel their best work was definitely their first. They were one of the first bands I can remember that really put together a solid girl/guy vocal duo. They also have a super original sound, with no two songs really sounding alike. Here's a link to their site, and a couple of my favourite tracks that have managed to stay good over the years.

The Hush Sound - Eileen

The Hush Sound - My Apologies

The Hush Sound - Carry Me Home

The Hush Sound - Momentum

The Hush Sound - Weeping Willow


HATE - Bibliographies 

My roommate and I had an epiphany earlier this year while griping about having to do bibliographies. Why do we have to format bibliographies in such a ridiculous way? I have lost huge marks for not properly indenting my works cited, or not having it in alphabetical order. Even if the prof actually takes the time to check the sources you have used, I think it just makes it more difficult to read using MLA or whatever other style your forced to use. It's like having to write what sources you used in latin, just because that is how it is done. What is so detrimental about simply writing the title of the book, the author, what pages you used etc. If you used a website, put a link to exactly what you used. Just seems logical to me.

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