I honestly have no idea how many people know about this site, but I'm writing about it anyways. FFFOUND is basically a place where people and link to pictures they found on the internet. Doesn't sound too interesting, but, there's a twist. Say you go to the homepage, find something that interests you, click on it, it will automatically come up with a bunch of other pictures somehow related to the one you chose, and I have to say, it's not only very good at what it does, it's addictive. I would compare it to wikipedia, in that you can click on something, find something else cool, and before you know it an hour disappeared. I also like how you can save pretty much everything you come across, as most of the stuff is pretty high quality in terms of artistic merit, and make great backgrounds, etc. Here's some stuff I've come across in the last little bit.

HATE - How Far Behind I Am On This Blog 

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