LOVE - Thanksgiving

I was thinking that, outside of the facts that you get to eat tonnes of amazing food and that fall is a really awesome season, its pretty cool the lengths that people I know go to see their families on Thanksgiving. I know people going to Arizona, coming back from B.C., all for the weekend, to get together with the fam. I took a quick browse through the library for songs mentioning "thanks" to help you keep thanksgiven'r. Have a great weekend errybody.

Sloan - I Wanna Thank You


Coconut Records - The Thanks I Get
Third Eye Blind - Thanks A Lot

Boys Night Out - Hey, Thanks


ps. for those of you who don't know where the picture is from, consult one of the funniest comedy skits of all time

Hate - People Who Don't Say 'Thank You'

Relates to the post about people who don't hold open the door for others, but I wanted something that tied into the holiday. People should just say thanks more often in my opinion. One instance I can think of that most people overlook is when a friend gives you a ride somewhere. A lot of people take a friend with a car for granted. Just consider a quick thanks once the trips over, it can mean more than you think.

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