LOVE - The Big Pink 

I found a track by the band in the summer (Dominos), and although I liked it, I never really followed up further. After lurking at what the authors of one of my favourite music blogs were listening to (Tympanogram), I decided I would delve into the entire album, and I was thoroughly impressed. Big Pink is a duo comprised of Robbie Furse and Milo Cordell, two life-long friends from London, England. They started making music together in 2007 and have since garnered much praise. If your wondering about the name, its taken from the The Band's first album of the same name (another fantastic band). The band has a real interesting sound, incorporating classic rock riffs with spacey synths and epic bass lines, at times sounding something like M83, others almost like Oasis. Here are some of my favourites so far. 

The Big Pink - Dominos


The Big Pink - Golden Pendulum


The Big Pink - Too Young To Love


The Big Pink - At War With The Sun


HATE - The London Garbage Schedule

I realize that not everyone that reads this blog is from London, and that many of the "hates" so far have been London related, but trust me, this one must be told. For those who don't know, the the London garbage schedule (decent band name?) runs on a weekly cycle. If last week the garbage was picked up on monday, this week it's picked up on tuesday. It constantly changes each week. On top of this, the city is divided into regions, that all have a different day during the single week, so even if you see garbage out on your way to campus, it doesn't necessarily mean its also garbage day for you. Now I'm not going to go so far as to say the city is trying to trick myself and my roommates, but with exams, boozing, etc. what night we have to put the garbage out isn't exactly on the top of our minds. And I do mean night, you cant put the garbage out before 6pm, as one week we tried to be real proactive and toss out the garbage before we headed to campus. Big mistake as our landlord pointed out, fines, etc. With 6 guys, the garbage piles up, and missing that crucial night of pick-up leads to one smelly nightmare. I can't off of the top of my head think of why this system is in place, but I''m sure there's some purpose other than to make our lives miserable. If its because the city is too big to have all of the garbage picked up in one day, just have each region of the city have a specific day of the week that doesnt change. Just sayin'

(Full Disclosure: I have a 300 word minimum to meet every week for class. Buried in assignments, I spaced on posting, sorry for the rant)

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  1. I HATE the London garbage schedule. Last year I lived in a house and we never knew when garbage day was and had to wait for our neighbours to put their garbage out too. BUT this year I live in an apartment and we just throw our garbage in a room whenever we want and it is 100x better.