Love - Jason Schwartzman

I have been a fan of his for a long time. Star of one of my favourite films of all time (Rushmore) He is set to hit the mainstream starring in the new HBO show Bored to Death. The show is essentially about a writer who breaks up with his girlfriend, and in an effort to restore excitement in his life, posts an ad on Craigslist posing as a private detective. I think its a great concept and definitely recommend checking it out. In related news, I happened upon a band called Coconut Records, which I discovered to be fronted by none other than Jason Scwartzman himself. He is undoubtably a talented actor, but really delivers musically as well. He's released two full albums, along with putting together the score for Bored to Death and the movie Funny People. Here are two of my favourites off the debut album Nighttiming

Coconut Records - Westcoast
Coconut Records - Nighttiming

Hate - The new registration system for Western Clubs Week.
Figure your life out USC


  1. Also a big fan of Jason. That show premise reminds me a lot of that second or third Andy Richter show that was out about two years ago, where he's mistaken for a private eye and starts investigating to hilarious (or not so much) ends.

    And I work a lot at the USC and Clubs Week couldn't make my life any worse... until the poster sale arrived and, my god.. my god.

  2. I think bored to death is definitely going to be the next HBO hit. Saw the first two eppie...amazing! Haven't heard anything about jason schwartzman's band. I guess that's something to look out for. Thanks for the heads up! As for hating on clubs week sign ups, I wouldn't know...I just hate clubs in general.