Love - Matt & Kim - Daylight

Before you start claiming old news, I'll get it out of the way. Yes, Daylight by Matt and Kim was the song of last year. Nearly a perfect song, it fits so many situations. Parties, riding the bus, going to sleep, waking up, its just a simple song that makes you feel good. Even after the play count on my iTunes currently sits at 30+, I'm still not tired of it. This brings me to my discovery. In my daily Hype Machine lurking, I came across a fantastic remix. Being such a popular song, there is certainly no shortage of Daylight remixes, but this is the first I have come across that really does the original justice. I'm just happy someone's breathed new life into what's already become an old classic. Here's the original, the remix, and another great song off the album Grand that you might recognize from the commercials for NBC's Community.

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  1. thanks for posting this and sharing the remix. being a De La Soul fan i am definitely digging that version.

    i would also like to say nice work on the love/hate idea. should be an interesting read seeing what someone else is loving/hating on a regular basis. except i love the rain so i can't agreee with you there ;)