LOVE - Them:Youth

Hailing from West London, the guys in Them:Youth seem to have a lot going for them early in the game. With only two singles out, it would be pretty easy to miss them in the mass of music out there, but these guys must have a pretty savvy marketing presence behind them. A quick look at their soundcloud page reveals more remixes than originals, which I interpret as people wanting more of their sound, even if they have to make it themselves. Their newest single "Toothache" comes packaged with a slick new video and a collaboration with Amsterdam label Outlaw Freelancers. Heres the video and some selections from their soundcloud, definitely a sound to keep an ear out for in the future.

Toothache by them:youth
them:youth - Fever Rising by them:youth
ThemYouth - Fever Rising (MuffinRemix) by them:youth

HATE - Endnotes versus Footnotes

Why would I ever want to skip all the way to the end of a chapter to see what something means. The two halves of the Austro-Hungarian government were parsimonious in regards to military spending eh? I'm not skipping to the back to look that up. On another note, I despise the use of "vs." in text. I always write versus. It's a proper word, give it some love.

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