Love: Interview with Ruby Coast!

We met up with Mark Robert Whiting the bass player from Ruby Coast to discuss their new album, tour schedules, and what's in store for the future. 

LH: How would you describe the new stuff? How would you compare it to your older stuff?

RC: The new stuff is a lot more mature. With our EP we were trying to go for short, upbeat pop songs. With this record, we took more time writing, and we tried to focus on having more variety and make it a full length album that you don't get bored of or have to skip any songs. We also spent a lot more time in the studio. With our EP, we spent 5 days in the studio. With this record, we were there for a month.

LH: When are you guys expecting to release the album? Where will fans be able to get it?

RC: We hope to release the album sometime in 2011. We are still shopping for labels, so we really cant say exactly. But the record is finished and we think it sounds great. When it is released, it will be available in all major record stores in North America, iTunes, etc.

LH: According to your facebook there's an RAC remix of one of your songs in the works? When can we be expecting that?

RC: This is true! I've only heard the first draft thats about half done. It already sounds amazing! I cant say when its going to be coming out, but RAC is in the midst of making their vol. 2 and it may or may not be on there. We've also been in contact with a few other bands about doing remixes, and are playing with the idea of releasing a few of those later on down the road. Who doesn't like a good remix right?

LH: What happened to the US tour?

RC: We were really pumped and ready to go. We thought that our working Visa's would be done in time cause there was a press release sent out saying it would only take 14 days. But immigrations still hasn't processed them yet (been almost 30 days). Damn, I would've been hanging in NYC right now.

LH: What's the your record label situation?

RC: Like I said earlier, the hunt for a label is still on. We've had some bites, and are pursuing some options. Having to cancel these US dates really screwed us, cause we had some labels that were going to come check us out. But, we are in the works of booking some showcases down South late November early December.

LH: Who are you guys listening to lately?

RC: Thats hard to answer. We're all into different stuff right now. I've been listening to the new Delta Spirit and Born Ruffians albums lately. One thing we can all agree on right now is "Beat dat beat" by DJ Pauly D. It gets us pretty psyched before a show hahaha.

LH: What's coming up in the future?

RC: We're heading out east with The Meligrove Band next week in support of their new album "Shimmering Lights". Thats going to be a blast! And we're in the midst of booking a cross Canada tour with one of our favorite bands for early next year. In the meantime, we'll be working hard, writing new songs, and hopefully recording some stripped down acoustic versions of some songs that are on the new record.

LH: Finally, one love, one hate

I HATE Jimmy Fallon. I never thought he was good on SNL, and I don't know how he got his own show or in movies. He seems like a good guy, but he's not that funny or good at acting.

I LOVE wine gums. They're my favorite candy. That, or sour ju jubes.

Thanks again to Ruby Coast!

Here is a taste of the amazing album, the title track "Whatever This Is"

and be sure to check out the new songs on www.myspace.com/rubycoast and follow them on twitter @rubycoastband. 

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