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The new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs has leaked. It was pretty much inevitable with so many people wanting to hear it and constantly being tempted with singles being released and snippets of songs revealed. I actually made a point of not downloading the singles that were released, not wanting to ruin the whole package. I've listened to it once through, repeated a couple songs here and there, and I can easily say its my favourite Arcade Fire album so far. Where Funeral was the buzz-worthy debut of a different sound, I never really got into Neon Bible. For me it was a capable sophomore follow-up, but it was just too slow and gloomy for me to listen to regularly (with the exception of the Go-Team sounding No Cars Go). The Suburbs is a perfect balance, a heartfelt mysterious sound, but with a steady beat keeping things moving start to finish. Definitely raises the chances of me going to see them later in the summer.

Heres two of my favourites so far

and more good stuff

Hate - People That Bike In High Gears Unnecessarily
lol @ basket

Those people that bike around with their legs just wildly pumping at the pedals and barely traveling anywhere. Use the proper gears, that's what they're for, you look like a fool.

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