LOVE - The Pragmatic 

I recently put together a post on the Remix Artist Collective. Soon after  I received an email from Andre, one of the three artists behind the name, which included a new remix of Teagan and Sarah's "Alligator". While I enjoyed the track, I was really impressed by the tracks of his auxillary band "The Pragmatic". I just happened to listen to "Circles" and loved it. A mix of equal parts LCD Soundsystem, PlayRadioPlay! and Motion City Soundtrack, its definitely an interesting sound. Heres a link to their site and some of my favourite songs so far. 

HATE - Guest-Listing

This is when you invite someone to come to a get-together and they feel the need to ask for a list of everyone that is there before they decide whether or not to come. If you're good enough friends, it really shouldn't matter. It's a dusty move, stop doing it. 

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