Love - These Pictures 

Sidenote - I forgot about this song yesterday. I consider it way more gangster than most of today's rap.
Mel Torme - I'm Comin' Home
Hate - People Who Shuffle Their Feet 

This is one that has bothered me for a while. It's actually been passed down from my mom, who has always told me to "pick up my feet" if I'm walking lazily. Whether it's in the mall, on the street, on campus, there are always people just shuffling along. Now, I understand older people who are taking their time, etc. thats totally fine, they are usually courteous, stay to one side, understand that there are other people in the universe other than them. This is primarily directed to girls afflicted with "Broken Ankle Uggs Syndrome". Now, let me be clear, I am not one of these people thats all "every Western girls the same, Uggs aren't functional. blah blah blah" They look good on girls, I don't care. It's these girls that, for some reason, walk in their Uggs with their feet halfway in the boot. Just shuffling along like they've been shot in the leg, to the point where you can see they have worn down the soles. I just can't understand it, is it that hard to walk? Figure it out.

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  1. haha feet shuffling is a very strange phenomenon. What compels people to do it? I can understand shuffling on a bare carpet to shock somebody. But as an everyday swagger? doesn't make much sense to me...not to mention that it sounds irritating.