LOVE - Hands Reversed
Tokyo Police Club have kicked around in my library for years, but it was really only until I saw them live with Ruby Coast (another fantastic band) last year at Call The Office in London, that they turned into one of my favourite bands. I plan on doing a more in-depth post on the band in the future, as this is more focused on the video the band released recently. They have been picked up on the american label Mom+Pop Records and plan to release their second full length album Forthcoming Lp early in 2010, and this video is the first real public sign of anything related to it. There's something about the fact that a band with such wide recognition and praise, who could have easily made a huge deal about pre-releasing a new single, decided instead to put out an understated, low-fi, and in my mind very Canadian (they're from Newmarket) home-made video instead. I just think it's so damn cool. The song is Hands Reversed, check it out.

HATE - How More People Don't Know Ruby Coast

Until you see this band live you have no real understanding of how musically talented these guys are. Definitely one of the biggest hidden gems in Canadian music these days. They are also some of the nicest most down to earth guys you could have the opportunity to meet.  It will only be a matter of time before you hear them everywhere. Be sure to lurk their myspace and listen to some tracks. "Brittle Bones" is fantastic.

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