LOVE - Astra Moveo

About a week ago I got an email from a member of the band Astra Moveo. I had never heard of them before, and in the interest of those who also haven't, heres a bit of info straight from the source.

"Astra Moveo, the Electro Rock band from Denver,Colorado will be releasing their much anticipated self-titled debut album on December 1.  Between the early beats of Giorgio Moroder and the forefront of darker modern dance phenoms, lies Astra Moveo's soundtrack for the mind and dance floor.  Having played with: The Faint, Midnight Juggernauts, Yelle, Does It Offend You, We Are Wolves, Sebastien Tellier etc. they've put together what is surely the next grand movement in their genre.  Starting out as a collaboration between friends, Christophe Eagleton (Producer/Keys/Beats), James Cromwell Holden (Bass/Keys/ Second Vocals), and Tyler Hayden (vocals/Guitar/Keys) formed what is now the core three of Astra Moveo.  The eponymous full length record emits real life experience, as well as echos of the spiritual from most of the record being written and recorded in the core three's haunted mansion in the highlands of Denver.  The album is set to be released digitally, with limited hard copy and vinyl editions"

Now, I am not entirely sure about you, but I pretty much retained "The Faint" (great band) and "recorded in a haunted mansion in the highlands of Denver". Needless to say, I was intrigued. I went directly to their myspace to get an idea of what I was getting into, and after listening to "Dollface", the most played song, I have to admit, I wasn't sure it was something I could get into. However, the band graciously offered to send me the full album if I was interested, so I took them up on the offer and am glad I did, because I could have easily sold them short. The album reveals a much more diverse and polished band than their myspace leads on. Immediately reminding me of some sort of Shiny Toy Guns/Minitel Rose/Killers combination, I found myself starting to seriously get into some of their beats. This being said, its not quite the complete front to back great album I love, although I was really impressed in how rich and complete their sound is for a debut. Here are the songs that I feel reflect the potential these guys have. Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Astra Moveo - Don't Waste Another Night 


Astra Moveo - The Feeling 


Astra Moveo - Kill Your Stereo 


HATE - The London Transit Commission

Well, looks like my class attendance is going to drop dramatically November 16th


  1. I must say that the LTC is starting to really be a royal pain. Thankfully I am in walking distance of school and it has been gorgeous weather to heel-toe is to campus. This being said, I do feel that attendance next week will take a brutal beating, it really sucks for those living far from campus-- especially if their grade has a participation section!

  2. I must agree with Kaleigh on this one. It's really unfortunate for people who live really far from campus who rely on transit. To be honest though, I'm a little excited for the LTC to strike...it'll give me reason to walk. And I like having a reason to walk, because it gives me time to think--buses are too loud to think. Also, I doubt the University will let students go without transportation. Remember About town and their exam schedule shuttles? I think we'll have something like that available to us.