LOVE - Thumbsucker

This movie occupied one of those "too much of a good thing" spaces in my life for a while after doing an english project on both the book and the film. I don't know of a faster way to lose interest in something you love than to have it for homework. This being said, I pulled the DVD out the other week and the feelings of disdain have left. Released in 2005, Thumbsucker is the coming-of-age story of Justin Cobb. Justin wrestles with his dysfunctional family, school, girls, drugs, pretty much what you would expect out of the typical teenage dealing with the world movie. But I put this film in a different category, simply because of how differently it deals with the classic issues, along with the casting of Keanu Reeves and Vince Vaughn, both in roles you would never really expect. The music is also very well put together, performed primarily by The Polyphonic Spree. It also has one of my favourite ending scenes of all time, but I won't ruin that for ya. Heres a trailer and some music from the film.

HATE - Netbooks

I am writing this sitting in a lecture, currently behind someone using an "Eee PC". I just don't understand what the point of buying such a tiny computer is. I understand they are much cheaper than "normal" laptops, and I figure people like the fact they are easy to carry around, but I really cannot see how the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. You can barely see anything on the screen. Being a student, my computer functions as not only a note-taking device, but my television, dvd player, tool for work, communication device. I just cant see a netbook meeting any of these requirements. I could be way off, maybe they're awesome and I'm just missing out, but for now, they still look like toys.

PS. I'm sitting in my Pop Culture English class. We are arguing whether or not video-games make people violent. I have had this argument 10+ times in various classes since I have been at this school. Give it a rest and actually teach something relevant. Madden isn't making kids go out and play football, Mario hasn't made everyone plumbers.

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